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Unlocking Team Building Potential: How VR Escape Rooms are Revolutionizing Corporate Events

Our goal during your team building event is to introduce participants to a large variety of Virtual Reality Escape Room experiences, while enabling collaboration in our large free-roam arenas. Our escape rooms create a team building activity that will encourage your employees to work as a team in an interactive, challenging setting. Find out how your team will handle pressure, take on leadership roles, communicate, and work together to make the escape. 

When booking a team building event with us you are reserving at least 3 of our 20×20 ft arenas which hold 5 players each. Choose from all of our escape rooms and see which group can escape first or choose different games for each group! 

Virtual reality (VR) has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing the way we experience games and entertainment. Among the many genres that have been explored in VR, escape rooms have emerged as one of the most popular. Escape rooms are a thrilling and immersive way to test one’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking. They are also an excellent tool for team building, and when played in a virtual environment, they can offer a unique and engaging experience for up to 5 players.

Escape rooms require players to work together to solve puzzles and riddles to escape a themed room or scenario within a given time limit. This collaborative gameplay is what makes escape rooms ideal for team building. In the real world, escape rooms have been a popular choice for corporate team-building events, and now, with VR, they are more accessible than ever before.

One of the main benefits of VR escape rooms for team building is that they provide a level playing field for all participants. In a traditional escape room, physical abilities can play a role in solving puzzles, which can make some team members feel excluded. In VR, everyone is on an equal footing, and the focus is purely on teamwork and problem-solving.

VR escape rooms are also an excellent way to foster communication and cooperation among team members. The game requires constant communication, as players need to share information, ideas, and solutions to progress through the game. This communication builds trust and strengthens relationships among team members.

Additionally, VR escape rooms offer a safe and controlled environment where team members can experiment with different roles and responsibilities. For example, a team member who is typically shy and reserved may take on a leadership role in the game, leading the team to success. This experimentation can translate into real-world scenarios, where team members may feel more confident taking on new challenges and responsibilities.

Another benefit of VR escape rooms is that they are highly customizable. Companies can tailor the experience to their specific needs, incorporating company-specific themes and challenges to make the game more relevant and engaging for employees. This customization adds an extra layer of excitement and makes the game feel more personal.

Finally, VR escape rooms are a fun and engaging way to boost morale and improve team dynamics. The game encourages team members to work together and celebrate their successes, fostering a positive and supportive environment that can translate into the workplace.

In conclusion, VR escape rooms for up to 5 players are an excellent tool for team building and company events. They provide a level playing field for all participants, foster communication and cooperation, offer a safe and controlled environment for experimentation, and can be highly customizable. Most importantly, they are a fun and engaging way to boost morale and improve team dynamics.

To discover the many escape rooms we offer you can visit our Escape Room Mission page. Here you can look at each game to see which will be the right fit for you and your group!

Check our FAQ page and contact us for any questions you may have.

We also have a walkthrough haunted experience with Hospital of Horror. Are you alone in the hospital? No one really knows…The Hospital Of Horror is not a game, It’s an experience. There’s no winning or losing because once you’ve entered you already lost. Prepared to be scared for this entire ten minute adventure. You and your friends will walk around the abandoned rooms and ride the elevator, but how abandoned is this hospital really?  

Maybe your version of scary is in the empty vacuum of space. In Eclipse up to 4 players embody the crew of Eclipse II. Your group is tasked with discovering what really happened to the previous space crew which you have lost communication with. What could those sounds be and how do you get out safely? You are separated into two teams to figure out the answers and hopefully escape the same fate.

Also available is Dead Ahead, a zombie shooter cooperative game where you work together as a team to destroy waves of zombies. This game is action based with arcade style shooting and graphics. Beware of the undead charging through the barriers and jumping onto you as your team makes their last stand. Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

All of these VR experiences take place in our large 400sf arena where your group is free to roam together. Our wireless VR technology allows players complete freedom to move around the virtual space. There is no need for ‘joystick’ or ‘teleporting’ movements and only one button is used. Virtual reality is great for anyone regardless of gaming experience or knowledge. We recommend children be at least 8 years old to enjoy the experiences.