Escape To VR FAQ

Yes. Occasionally we have room for walk-in groups but more often than not we do not have the availability. Please make an appointment ahead of time on the website to ensure you are able to play when you show up. We open for group booking only

We ask that players the age of 9 to 14 years old are accompanied by an adult. Some of our multiplayer games are age 9 and up, All Escape Room VR games are 11 and up, please look at game page for specific age rating or email us to confirm

We are open 7 days, all times are updated on our Google page and on this page on our website

Please make sure that all members in your party arrive at least 15 minutes before your game begins so we can go over the rules, game play, and have you sign our one-page liability release waiver.

You are able to arrive to setup your party 15 minutes before your booking. Please let us know if you need assistance. 

Free-roam virtual reality (VR) refers to a type of virtual reality experience where participants can move around freely in a physical space while wearing VR headsets and interact with the virtual environment. This experience typically involves a group of participants sharing a large, open area where they can explore, interact, and engage with the VR world as a team.

You allowed to bring snacks, food and drinks for your guests. Keep in mind that most guests will be in VR having fun and will not have much time to eat. Water is highly recommended. 

We have a relaxed cancelation policy and will refund if notified within 8 hours of your booking. If no communication and groups does not show up, we will not be able to provide a refund. Please just let us know so we can let someone else enjoy your time slot

Each mission lasts 35 minutes to no longer that 60 minutes. Some may be shorter depending on how well you navigate the puzzles and clues thrown at you.

VR is the next big thing and kids love it, if under 14 we strongly advise an adult to participate in the game. For large groups please contact us at

If your group is 11 or less please make the booking through our website. For groups of more than 11 please get in touch through our contact form or email us at or call 760-625-0055.

We are at 2365 Marron Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92008, Cant find us? text at 760-625-0055.

Yes and No. Our game is graphically solid and the technology behind is compared to none. We have made sure that every frame of the game is as immersive as possible. That said, if you have a history of motion sickness, entering a new reality that your body and eyes are not used to WILL CAUSE virtual reality sickness (motion). But the game is designed in such a way that, the new reality shock will gradually become tolerable . It is completely normal and we recommend to take of your headsets for a minute or two, to get rid of any symptoms. We will provide sweet and sour caramel & ginger candies to aid the sickness if any. Participants can leave the game anytime. We hope this is enough information for you to decide to join this amazing adventure or not.


The maximum number of players is 6 in the same game and the minimum number is 2. We can have up 11 players in the same booking (Running in 2 groups in two separate arenas)

Yes, a waiver is required for all participating guests. They are able to fill up the waiver form on our website Please share this link with all parents..

Most of our Escape Room guests are couples, An escape room is also a great group activity for friends and families but is also a great way for couples to have a great night alone or with a group of other couples. If you read our reviews you will find that many couples have found our VR Escape Room to be a fun and exciting activity.

Unfortunately not. It will defeat the whole purpose of the game but you can always check out our video to get a feel of the game room.