DeployXR Comic-Con Wrap-up

By: Erik Hyrkas

DeployXR (Formally DeployVR) team enjoyed a wonderful week at Comic-Con 2019, the convention’s 50th anniversary, demonstrating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences to over 1,000 attendees.

Our two booths, Dragon Tower, and VR Art Battle, showed how VR can be used in multiple ways to extend your reality, either through cooperating with a team or working in your own personal space to create and compete against others.

We also offered a glimpse into the world of AR by offering Comic-Con attendees business cards and free T-shirts that included 3D-animated graphics, which could be viewed via AR-enabled smartphone applications. 

What’s Next for Deploy VR?

While these AR experiences are useful for marketing purposes, they are also valuable in creating extended reality (XR) experiences. XR is a term that combines the world of VR and AR together, and it’s something Deploy VR (soon to be renamed Deploy XR), intends to interact with more in the future.

On that note, we’d like to announce our intention to debut Deploy VR’s very first XR Art Show later this fall. The show will curate VR and AR submissions from artists from across the globe and allow attendees to view them with our own technology. We’ll discuss this more in the coming months.

Lessons Learned From Deploy VR’s Offerings at Comic-Con 2019 Overview

We received great reviews and feedback from participants at Comic-Con 2019, many who were astounded by the technology we use to offer VR experiences. Others were interested in what else we could do with it. Below are our takeaways from the convention this year.

Dragon Tower Booth

At our Dragon Tower booth, Comic-Con attendees worked together in groups between 2-4 people to load a ballista and slay two dragons. Many succeeded well under the 10 minutes we allowed for each game! We learned:

  • Everyone loves a good dragon battle
    • We had several groups who were extremely enthusiastic in their games, as if they were “literally” slaying dragons in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, battling for their lives! With intense screaming and war cries included, Comic-Con passersby enjoyed watching kids and adults having a wonderfully immersive team-building experience as much participating in it! 
  • Strategy is everything
    • Many participants learned the mechanics of the game and the puzzle watching players on our TV setup. Some call this cheating. Others call it “being resourceful.” Nevertheless, we’re giving big props to the team who managed to beat the level in a record THREE MINUTES!
  • We need more juice
    • A constant flow of visitors had us recharging our batteries over and over the entire week. Despite our best efforts, occasionally we were forced to reduce the number of players per game. Because of how popular the event was, we’ll be even more prepared for the next time!

VR Art Battle Booth

At our VR Art Battle booth, Comic-Con attendees used Google’s Tilt Brush art studio game to draw, paint, and play in a 3D-environment. Participants could even compete to win a T-shirt! Below are some lessons we learned from this unique experience:

  • Art is in the eye of the controller-beholder
    • Let’s face it, many participants had never used VR before, and not everyone is an artist (ourselves included!). But that’s what made this event so much fun. Everyone could create with judgement or without, and have a ball (or a sphere).
  • T-shirts are great motivators
    • Without a goal, what’s the point? For some people, a FREE T-SHIRT really helped to put your best creative foot forward. Props to that!
  • Anyone can try their hand at XR art
    • Young or old, art through XR offers something accessible to almost anyone.

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