Deploy Virtual Reality Escape Room Arena for your next company event.

Written By: Ariel Berdugo

Deploy a Virtual Reality Escape Room for Your Next Company Event

Escape rooms are becoming a popular workplace getaway for companies looking to strengthen team bonds in a fun and engaging way. Not only does a virtual reality escape room offer a unique experience unmatched by anything in the real world, it also strengthens a variety of individual and intergroup skills that promote teamwork.

Team Building Through Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Team building is important for any company, and virtual reality escape rooms can help. By working together to complete a series of puzzles, team members are encouraged to sharpen a number of key skills that can help them work better together in the long run. Trust and cooperation are built through tasks that can only be completed by more than one individual. Throughout the virtual reality experience, team members learn to properly communicate and offer their unique perspective to the group.

Escaping from a high stakes, completely immersive escape room scenario builds key skills such as communication, leadership, and organization in a time crunch. This builds trust between team members and improves their performance when working together. Believe it or not, the skills used to navigate an ancient lost pyramid or escape the dragon tower are the same ones that increase the level of trust, organization, and overall efficiency in the workplace.

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The VR Escape Room Experience

Virtual reality escape rooms offer an immersive experience like no other. Most virtual reality escape rooms were designed by major video game companies like Ubisoft. The puzzles used in these games are thought up and designed by experienced game designers who have the advantage of creating an immersive fantasy worlds where anything can happen. The higher quality puzzles and the thrilling experience of being completely immersed in another world give virtual reality escape rooms an edge over anything you’d find in the real world.

Escape to Virtual Reality with Your Company Today

Whether you’re trying to strengthen the bonds within your company or just looking for a fun way to unwind with your team members, deploying a virtual reality escape room is a great choice.

Reap the benefits of teamwork oriented gameplay in an immersive virtual reality environment. Book a session today and escape to virtual reality with your team for an experience you won’t forget.

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