Deploy A Virtual Reality Haunted House Experience For Company Halloween Event

Written By: Ariel Berdugo

It’s the season of scares and everyone is in search of a terrifying haunted house experience. If you’re a haunted house junkie or looking for a hair-raising event this Halloween, you need to try a virtual reality haunted walkthrough in 360 degree VR.

Experience all the spooks and scares of a normal haunted house, but in a totally immersive environment where the scariest figments of your imagination can become reality. There’s no limit to what you might see in a virtual reality haunted world, or maybe worse– what you might not see!

No Limit to the Horror

Virtual reality is unique because there’s no end to what you can experience. Ghosts, ghouls, blood curdling screams and haunting apparitions– you’re in for a scare when you put on the totally immersive virtual reality headset and enter the world of the unknown. Looking for a truly frightening haunted house experience this Halloween? Try the horrifyingly realistic VR walkthrough, Hospital of Horror.

The Hospital of Horror

You’re being rolled down a dim hallway in a rundown hospital. You don’t know how you got here, but you can feel that something is very very wrong. Your heart beats faster and faster as you creep around the corner, not knowing what horrors might await you on the other side. This is the hospital of horror, where you never know what’s lurking in the next room, and what’s on the next floor might be worse. Experience this nightmarish virtual reality walkthrough for yourself this halloween season. Bring your friends for a scarily immersive and fun 360 degree VR experience today.

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