ARize  August 28, 2019

Arize AR platform is coming with new features and upgrades in order to satisfy all our users’ and creators’ needs at a high level.

In our new 2.6 version ARize team developed some new options which surely will be very useful for creators in terms of better performance. As well, we optimized the features we already had by making them faster and smoother.

So, let’s begin with the new features we integrated into ARize.


In the 2.6 version, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Track the human faces to try masks or 3D objects on, for both fun and try-on campaigns.
  • Change the trigger image of your AR post even after the creation is done
  • See the trackability of the trigger image, which means while the creation you can see how good or bad the trigger image is for being easily detected and tracked
  • Integrate 360° videos from both YouTube and your own device
  • Upload 3D models from ZIP files, Sketchfab, and Google Poly
  • Move the 3D models in-depth in a real environment.
  • Share the AR content through the corresponding link which will directly open the shared content inside the app ready to be placed in a real environment.
  • Sell your artworks in the ARize platform. If you are a digital artist and want to sell your artworks we provide you with a good platform to do it. Just us and become a Creators’ Community member.
AR Studio

Besides, in this new version you will find the following new elements which are:

  • Light estimation and adjustment to the environment added to 3D content (on demand).
  • HDR Reflection and 360° panoramic reflection probe added to the 3D content (on demand)
AR Gallery

In terms of optimizations, it has to be mentioned that we always keep up with the latest upgrades which can directly influence the platform’s better performance. Here are some upgrades of the 2.6 version

  • Upgraded to use ARKit 2 and ARCore 1.7
  • Upgraded Security of the mobile and web platform
  • Improved Video and Gif Recording process
  • Improved Image and Surface Recognition process

So, you can show off your creations in a real environment just using a trigger image and a phone. Everything is easy and fast. All you need is to focus on your content and once it’s ready just send it to us, we handle the rest.

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