PULSE Action-Horror - Virtual Reality Experience

PULSE Action-Horror – Virtual Reality Experience

From: $25.00

2 to 4 Players in the same session up to 8 in the same booking

You have 30 minutes to complete all tasks and get away

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Laserbots VR - Add-On

You have 13 minutes to complete all tasks and get away


Difficulty Level: 1 (Not Challenging)


PULSE: A heartbeat. Just you and your team… or maybe not? Keep together to survive, but will your ammo be enough?

Up To 30min
$29 Per Player
2-4 Players
80% Escape Rate




2 to 4 people playing in the same Virtual World and physical space

Time Pressure 25 minutes

Command the most inefficient space station of all times together. Can you save it from falling apart?

Command your teammates whilst dealing with toggles, switches and buttons yourself
Find the right buttons before everything explodes
Swiftness counts!

Movement: Free Roaming

Genre: Action-Horror

Adventure Difficulty – EASY

Age Rating: 16+ 

The brief / the challenge

You have 30 minutes to complete all tasks and get away

Guests must be over 16 years of age to play and physically able to walk around for an hour unassisted and use both hands the whole time.

If you wear glasses, we recommend contacts or you must play without your glasses as they scratch and damage the headset’s lenses. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

To keep you safe, we request you don’t drink alcohol or take drugs before or during your session.


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Our experiences call on collaborative gameplay and the players’ coordination skills in an immersive environment with exceptional graphics, allowing you to offer your clients a VR experience unlike any other.

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